Services is the online platform that allows customers to buy and sell online in total safety

With the brokerage service of, you can make your online business while being protected from scams and frauds. The online platform of is immediate and simple, and allows customers to start a new transaction with just a few clicks!

  1. Buyer and seller sign an agreement

    With just a few clicks and with 5 easy steps our users can define a sale agreement and start a new transaction, indicating the negotiated price and the goods to be shipped. The transaction process is optimized for three possible kinds of transactions: merchandise, services or domain names.

  2. The buyer deposits the money

    When both parties have accepted the agreement, the buyer will send the established amount to the escrow account of's partner, the Legal Office of Bernhard H. Jansen. The payment options available for are: wire transfers and PayPal (click here for more informations ).

  3. The seller ships the merchandise or service

    When confirms the reception of the agreed price, the seller will be asked to ship the merchandise or provide the service. For merchandise shipping, you’ll have the (recommended) opportunity of including the tracking link for the shipping, making clear for both parties the transaction status. For domain names you will be able to save directly in the management panel the authinfo code of transfer.

  4. The buyer checks and accepts the merchandise or service

    The buyer can finally receive and check that the shipment has been properly done, or the service provided correctly. Only after doing this he will give the ok to proceed with the payment to the seller.

  5. pays the seller

    Only after being allowed from the buyer (or after the expiration of the inspection time), the Legal Office of Bernhard H. Jansen will proceed to send the agreed price to the seller, thus concluding the transaction positively (for more informations about the payment options click here)).’s fee is based on the transacted price, starting from 20 Euro only! The fee may vary from 1,2% to 3% of the transacted price, with a minimum cost of 20 Euro. For more informations about’s fee, the payment methods or the international wire transfer’s costs, visit the prices and fees page.

A special class of transactions you can make with is domain names. To transfer a domain name you need some specific technical skills, mostly if you are buying foreign domain extensions (ie. .es, .fr, .de…). For that matter has partnered with Namecase to guarantee their users a more simple conduct of domains name transactions.

How does this collaboration works?

If you’ll need help during the transaction of a domain name, a simple banner will allow you to automatically get assistance from Within 48 hours you will be contacted by a transfer agent of Namecase that will give you assistance in the transfer process. You will get help, for example, at filling in the forms of transfer, or getting suggestions about the registrar and trustee services that can make possible the transfer you have in progress.

What’s the cost of Namecase assistance?

The intervention of a transfer agent from Namecase costs 50 Euro for each transaction. If the transaction’s price is over 3.000 Euro, Namecase assistance is completely free! and Namecase partners in the operations of brokerage and consulting

Namecase offers consulting with the acquisition of domain names, suggesting, for example, the domain name more suitable for your business, helping to establish the right price and even conducting for you the purchase negotiation. Namecase and are pleased to announce that, if successful in conducting a negotiation of purchase, the domain transfer process and the money transfer process will be both conducted together from the two companies, offering to both parts the best experience in technical transfer and security in managing the transition of money.

Do you occasionally sell online or have made a sell at distance? Do you have doubts about how to carry out the transaction or may not offer sufficient guarantees to your customers? With you can give the best security to your buyers without the risk of being subject to scams. Using your customers will first send the payment, which will be held by until they have received and inspected the goods, within a maximum limit of days to be determined together between you and them. will then send you the payment after the merchandise has been inspected or, if within the time limit you have established, he will not have experienced any problem.

What happens if the buyer encounters problems with the merchandise or the service you performed?

Don’t worry: we will ask them to open a dispute where they will be able to explain what went wrong. We will give you the chance to choose one of this options:

  • return the merchandise and the payment to the buyer
  • possible discount in the accorded price

No operation will be performed unless we have your explicit consent!

Only if you recognize that the merchandise you have shipped was not trusty with the established agreements and only if the merchandise will be properly returned, the buyer will be refunded. So, if he’s looking for a fraud he will have no way to do it. As you can see, using, both parties, seller and buyer, are protected.

Woul you like to buy an item from a private seller or company but, for any reason, you don’t feel guaranteed enough? Try! After you have started a transaction and with just a few clicks, we will ask you to make your payment on our deposits account instead of paying the seller directly. We will then notify the seller when we receive your payment so he will be asked to send you the goods or service you required, that you can inspect within the time limits which you agreed. Only when you confirm that everything is all right or if we do not receive any feedback within the time limits you have agreed upon, we will send the payment to the seller. If there is something wrong, you can come to an agreement with our partner with one of the following solutions:

  • return the merchandise and get the money back
  • possible discount in the accorded price

No operation will be performed unless we have your explicit consent!

But remember that if you fail to respond within the given time limits, we will understand it as a tacit consent. Also note that, if the operation will be canceled for a missing delivery of goods, we will ask you to pay our fees in full, even if you have previously agreed otherwise. Please consider that, if the operation was not successful, our security service still saved your money and you can get your payment back.