On the web you can find great offers and deals. Using the Internet, we are able to find and buy rare and exotic goods from all corners of the world with just a few clicks. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we are no longer limited by geography.

Despite this, you have to be very careful when buying online, especially if you buy on foreign websites. The risk of being defrauded is everpresent\: from phishing and personal data theft (such as credit card data) to the delivery of fake goods, or simply failure to send the purchased goods.

Thanks to the escrow service provided by, in collaboration with the Legal Office of Bernhard H. Jansen, buying goods on the Internet becomes safe and the risk of fraud is reduced to a minimum. With just a few clicks, you can start a transaction in a few easy steps\: provides a contract of sale, your payment is sent to the escrow account of the Legal Office of Bernhard H. Jansen, which offers you all the safeguards prescribed by German law. Only after receiving your payment will tell the seller to send you your goods. When you receive it, you will also have an inspection period (the length of which can be agreed with the seller), and only after you have verified that the goods correspond to the description given before the purchase will send your payment to the seller.

To ensure complete security and confidentiality of transmitted data, uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology. Your payment details and any other information entered by the user is automatically encrypted and protected during transmission.

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