Who can sign up to sicuro.com?

You can sign up to sicuro.com both as a private or as a company.

Is the registration free?

Yes, the registration is completely free.

Can I sign up as a professional user or company?

Of course, just tick the appropriate box during the registration. It will be possible to enter your company name and VAT.

Do I get an invoice at the end of the transaction?

Yes, you will be notified of the invoice at your email adress. You can also check "documents and invoices" in "my account" page in order to access the history of your invoices at any time.

I forgot my password, how can i recover it?

In the sign up page, select the button "retrieve password" and you will immediately get a new password at your provided email adress. Then follow the instructions to set up a new password.

How do I change my personal informations?

Go to "my account" page, then select "personal details" and edit the interested fields. Please note that you will not be able to edit the default payment options while the transaction is still in progress.

What forms of payment does sicuro.com accept?

Sicuro.com accepts wire transfers or PayPal payments. Please note that using PayPal has an additional costs of 3% from EU countries and 6% from rest of the world of the transaction price.

Is it possible to pay with Credit Card?

No, but you can use your credit or debit card linked with your PayPal account.

Can I use sicuro.com with abroad partners?

Of course: sicuro.com is a multilanguage platform active in all countries. For purchases or sales to or from foreign countries, where the risks of fraud are higher, it's even more recommended.


How do I start a new transaction?

You need to sign up to sicuro.com to start a new transaction. After the registration go to "my account", select "new transaction" and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to start more transactions simultaneously?


Can I edit a transaction i just started?

No, but you can delete it as long as it's not been already accepted by your transaction's partner. When your partner accepts your terms for the transaction, they'll become mandatory for both parties.

Can I cancel a transaction from another user?

Yes, after you have checked the terms of the transaction, you can decide whether to accept or reject.

Is it possible to start a transaction both as seller and buyer?

Yes, when you start a new transaction you can choose your role everytime.


I shipped the transaction's object to the buyer, what should i do now?

You will have to wait for the buyer to receive and check the object you shipped. As soon as we will be able to verify that the object has been correctly received, we will send you the estabilished amount of money.

I shipped the transaction's object to the buyer, but i didn't received any answer?

You will have to wait the end of the inspection time. If the inspection time will run out without the buyer having taken a decision, we will consider the object as correctly received.

The courier I used has lost the transaction's object?

Our policy expects that the responsability for the objects shipped is alwais charged to you. We will not be able to make you the payment if the object isn't correctly received by the buyer. You will still be able to ask your courier for explainations. Regarding this matter, we alwais recommend you to use insured shipments.

The buyer rejected the transaction's object?

If the buyer claims to have received an item which does not comply, he will have 10 days to ship it back ("return process" for domains). After 10 days without the buyer properly returning the subject of the transaction, we will consider the object as correctly received.

I have lost / I am no longer in possession of the object of the transaction?

Contact us, we will refund the buyer of the amount paid and close the transaction.

When will I receive my payment?

As soon as the buyer confirms the proper reception of the transaction's object. If the buyer will not answer in the given time, as soon as the inspection's time will end, we will be able to forward you the payment according to the mode you selected.


Do I have to pay the seller in advance?

Yes, but your payment will remain locked until you have received and verified the object of the transaction.

How much time I have to control the merchandise I just received?

The inspection time (shown in days) is defined at the beginning of every transaction. When you create or accept a new transaction, you will be able to review or modify the inspection time.

The service or merchandise I have bought does not comply the terms indicated by the seller. Can i request a refound?

Of course. If you receive a product wich does not comply, you will be able to send it back to the seller and obtain a complete refound. Otherwise you can open a contestation.

I forgot to inform sicuro.com about the correct / incorrect reception of the transaction's object, what will happen?

If the inspection time would expire without you having made a decision or given a reply, we will consider the object as correctly received.